On Collecting: Weekly News Wrap-up (Week of Nov. 4)

Selected articles from our Flipboard magazine from the last week.

Brian’s update: I was pulled into a last minute business trip this week which made it hard to find time to read comics, be a social media star, or stay on top of the news. Fortunately, Jason is a machine and kept our Flipboard magazine up to date.

COMC Sellers! Huge Announcement!

COMC updated their fee structure from a 20% cash-out fee to a 10% cash-out fee plus 5% commission. As they mention in their blog post, this will help attract sellers of higher end products and allow them to price more competitively. The change will have a noticeable impact on flippers since they will no longer be able to buy and relist their items fee-free. I’m a big advocate of COMC and their business model so I’m looking forward to this change taking effect in 2019.

Grant Morrison’s The Invisibles Heads to TV as Part of New Deal

The invisibles are coming to TV and this could present some great buying opportunities for 1st appearances and other key issues. It’s great to see the continued interest in comic-based TV shows and movies. Each new series is an opportunity for new readers to enjoy the hobbies we’ve loved for decades.

MAYO REPORT: High Profile Comics Arrive in September, But Sales Were Sluggish

John Mayo breaks down the new issue sales for September and the title says it all. These types of reports are fascinating and may eventually inspire us to add a financial column to Relic Scout in the future. For now, you can keep up to date on the market by reading CBR.

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