My Comic Pull List for November 2018

Each month I will take a look ahead at the month in new comics and share what I am planning to pick up, as well as provide a few recommendations. With that, here’s what I am picking up at my local comic shop in November:

Most Anticipated

Wytches Bad Egg Halloween Special

Wytches Bad Egg Halloween Special (One Shot)
I thoroughly enjoyed the first arc of this horror book from Scott Snyder and Jock, so I was excited to hear that Wytches was coming back. A perfectly creepy book for Halloween. Out October 31 on Image.

Buy on: eBay / Amazon / Find an LCS
Prep for the new arc: Wytches, volume 1

Redlands 8

Redlands #8
Jordie Bellaire and Vanesa del Rey have created a must-read gothic horror series that weaves in the themes of feminism, power, and control — making for modern-day commentary. Beautiful and well done. Out November 7th on Image.

Buy on: eBay / TFAW / Find an LCS
Get the first arc: Redlands, volume 1

Mister Miracle 12

Mister Miracle #12
I can’t say enough good things about this series. If you enjoyed The Vision by Tom King, you are already reading Mister Miracle. If haven’t read The Vision, get on it. Mister Miracle is basically the DC equivalent, but that does it no justice at all. King masterfully delves into the challenges of parenting, marriage, work-life balance, and technology — all while fully immersed in a superhero story that would make Jack Kirby proud. Highly recommended.

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Get the whole thing: Mister Miracle

The Entire Pull List

  • Wytches Bad Egg Halloween Special (One Shot) – October 31
  • Seven to Eternity #12 (Image) – November 7th (Buy: TFAW)
  • Outer Darkness #1 (Image) – November 7th (Buy: TFAW)
  • Redlands #8 (Image) – November 7th
  • Mister Miracle #12 (DC) – November 14th
  • Seeds #3 (Dark Horse) – November 14th (Buy: TFAW)
  • Black Hammer Age of Doom #7 (Dark Horse) – November 14th (Buy: TFAW)
  • Gideon Falls #8 (Image) – November 14th (Buy: TFAW)
  • Oblivion Song #9 (Image) – November 14th (Buy: TFAW)
  • Cemetery Beach #3 (Image) – November 14th (Buy: TFAW)
  • Infinite Dark #2 (Image) – November 14th
  • Proxima Centauri #6 (Image) – November 14th (Buy: TFAW)
  • Doomsday Clock #8 (DC) – November 28th (Buy: TFAW)

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